How to cite DARwin?

If you publish results obtained in part by using DARwin, please acknowledge this by citing as follows:

Perrier, X., Flori, A. , Bonnot, F. (2003). Data analysis methods.
In: Hamon, P., Seguin, M., Perrier, X., Glaszmann, J. C. Ed., Genetic diversity of cultivated tropical plants. Enfield, Science Publishers. Montpellier. pp 43 - 76.

Perrier, X., Jacquemoud-Collet, J.P. (2006). DARwin software


Users feed-back is essential for us in making the program error free and user friendly, so any comments are welcome: crash, aberrant results, unclear messages, error in the manual. Feel free to contact us if you have any form of improvement to suggest. Please submit your suggestions with as many details as necessary by E-mail to DARwin team. We will try to take into account any well-founded proposal according to our resources and capacities.

Bug reports

All bug reports will be quickly handled by the authors depending on the severity of the problem.

Before proceeding, please make sure that you are using the latest version of DARwin (see your version number in 'About DARwin' in the main bar menu). Each new version adds or improves major functions but fixes also minor problems that are not necessary described in the Update History.

To report a bug, we ask that you provide the following:

Please note: due to limited human resources, we are not able, except in some very particular cases, to provide assistance on software use or on mathematical properties of the proposed methods.

Update history

List of major changes with each software release